Frequently Asked Questions


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When does UPS need PLD uploaded?

To insure timely receipt of PLD (Package Level Detail) information, customers using UPS Host solutions need to upload at the time of driver pickup.  


Why is it so important to upload at the time of driver pickup?

Uploading at the time of driver pickup enables full shipment visibility for information based services such as Quantum View®, (Quantum View Manage, Quantum View Data, Quantum View Notify, Brokerage and UPS Tracking) and insures high quality service that you've come to expect from UPS.


How do we insure that we have integrated our systems to allow for upload at time of driver pickup?

Once certification is complete, there will be a production monitoring period. During this time we will work closely with you to address all issues with timely and accurate uploading of PLD information.


What if I forgot my password?

If you forget your password, click on Log In at and select Forgot my User ID or Password link. Users will be able to change their password on this page.


Can PLD be uploaded into production via the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?



Can the UPS Certification Tool test more than one UPS Account Number?

Yes, multiple UPS Account Numbers can be uploaded with the Package Level Detail information. Additional account numbers can be added at the "Certification Tool Menu" page once you have been certified.


How many Account numbers can be added under my user ID?

The maximum number of UPS Account Numbers per user ID is 99. Contact your UPS Support Representative if you need more than 99 UPS Account Numbers.


What if my company wants to add new services and we are currently using a PLD version less than the Certification Tool supported version, do we have to re-certify with our existing services?

Yes. You will have to upgrade from your current PLD version and re-certify for all of your existing services as well as receive approval for any new services added.


What if my company wants to add new services and we are currently certified for PLD 0200, do we have to re-certify with our existing services?

No. You will be able to add new services without having to certify for any existing services that have been previously approved.


What if my company wants to add new services and we are currently certified for PLD 0200, do we have to re-certify with for new services?

Yes. You will be able to add new services and then be required to test and receive approval for those new services.


When submitting test cases for certification, can I submit more than one test case in a file?

Yes. Multiple test cases can be submitted within one file but the Package Tracking Number must be unique between the test cases.


I uploaded a test case successfully and my status still shows that it is not completed?

You do not have your cache settings configured properly. Select step one and review the minimum system requirements.


I don't remember what services I selected while I was in certification?

You can select Step 2 again and it will display the services that you have selected during certification. You can also add/delete services. If you add services, you will be required to view additional record layouts and receive additional test cases.


Do I have to put in the +/- signs in the real number fields?



Can I put multiple shipper numbers in the same file?

Yes. Each shipper number in the file must have the same pickup date and the corresponding book number. You cannot have the same Pickup Record Number for two or more shipper numbers.


What is an accessorial?

This is a value-added service added to your shipment/package outside of the normal freight charge.

Example: Saturday Delivery, Collection On Delivery (COD), Insurance, etc.


Do I still need to give the UPS driver/agent a detailed manifest?

Providing the PLD file is successfully transmitted to UPS, then a detailed manifest is not required. You only provide the driver with a Summary Manifest. In the unlikely event you cannot send the PLD file then you need to provide the UPS driver/agent with a detailed manifest that shows all of your shipments.


What is the pickup date?

The pickup date is the date the UPS driver/agent picks up the packages. This date should be the same as the date the PLD file is uploaded to UPS. The PLD file must be uploaded to UPS immediately after packages are picked up.


What is the difference between a multi-piece shipment and single-piece shipment?

A single-piece shipment contains one package. A multi-piece shipment is a number of packages being delivered to the same location using the same UPS service.
You ship 25 UPS Express packages today going to ABC Company, Champs Elysees 5, 75008 Paris, France.

In a single-piece shipment, the shipment number and the package tracking number are the same. In a multi-piece shipment, the first package in the shipment is considered the lead package of the shipment and has the same shipment number and package tracking number. The remaining 24 packages of the shipment will each have a unique package tracking number, but the shipment number will be the same as the lead package.


I need to add a new location to my PLD upload file. What do I need to do to get more pickup book numbers?

When you have completed the certification process and have been approved for production, you may return to the UPS Certification Tool to add new shipper account numbers to your User ID. Upon adding new shipper account numbers, you will receive two book numbers per shipper.


I need more than two pickup book numbers per shipper, what do I do?

You should only have two books and cycle the page numbers as outlined in the Pickup Strategy section of the documentation.  If you feel you will need more than two books, then contact your Host Implementor.


Can I have multiple pickup dates in one file?

No. If a file contains more than one pickup date, a fatal error is generated. Only one pickup date per file is allowed.


Am I required to send Invoice information along with my PLD file?

Yes. As a general rule of thumb UPS requires invoice information as a part of your PLD file whenever there is a physical commercial invoice with your shipment and you are shipping outside of your country borders a package that is considered a non-document.


How should I depict Invoice information on my PLD file?

When shipping International PLD, which require Invoice Data, you must supply the invoice segment(s) outlined in the PLD Segments section. Some additional rules of thumb are:

· Invoice Line Total is required only when product information is present.

· Invoice Line Total needs to be computed when product line items are declared in various currencies.

· Invoice Currency Code is required only when an Invoice Line Total is present.

It is recommended that you consult your UPS Service Guide for specific rules that apply when shipping with invoice information. In addition, refer to the PLD technical specifications for additional information.


What does it mean to ship ‘Documents Only’ and how should that appear on my PLD file?

A shipment that is marked as Documents Only may be considered to be a shipment that consists of material that do not have any resale value. A Document-Only shipment is typically sent via UPS Envelope, however, such a shipment could be sent in alternate packaging such as a box. To specify a Documents Only shipment you must indicate so within the DocInd field. For specific field values refer to the PLD Segments. You may also refer to your UPS Service Guide for additional information.


What are some unit(s) of measure considerations for my PLD file?

In preparing an international PLD file, it is important to note specific units of measurement being used within a particular shipment. Unit of Measure concerns must be applied to package weight and dimension as well as to commodity information when such information is attached to a commercial invoice. Please refer to the technical specifications for further detail.


How do I know what service options are available to me when shipping internationally?

International services available vary on your specific origin shipping location. For specific information as to what services are available, please refer to your UPS Service Guide available from your country web site off of


How do I calculate Length, Width, and Height for a customer supplied package?

Please refer to your UPS Service Guide available from your country web site located at


How do I calculate dimensional weight for a customer supplied package?

Please refer to your UPS Service Guide available from your country web site located at


When should I populate the Description of Goods Field?

According to international shipping rules between countries it is generally required that Description of Goods information is sent with your PLD information. For domestic shipments it is also recommended that Description of Goods information is sent with your PLD file.


When are additional addresses required?

Additional address segments are required when a shipment has more than a deliver to address associated to it.  Please refer to the PLD Segments documentation for address requirements.


When is an international segment(s) required?

An international segment(s) is required for all transborder (including shipments from the US to PR) and worldwide shipments.


Can a shipment’s Third Party Billing contact lie outside of either the origin or the destination country?

Yes. If Third Party Billing is a valid payment option for your particular shipment, it is possible to have a Third Party Billing party outside of the country from which your shipment’s origin or destination country.


What is a letter?

A letter is a non-dutiable good. It has no commercial value. Commodity information is not required for letters. A valid value of 1 for the field labeled DocInd is required.


What is a document?

A document is a non-dutiable good. It has no commercial value. Commodity information is not required for documents. A valid value of 2 for the field labeled DocInd is required.


What is a non-document?

A non-document is a dutiable good. It has commercial value. In the upload file, commodity segment is required for non-documents, as well as an international segment and a valid value of 3 for the field labeled DocInd.


Does every shipment for an international destination go through customs?



Can customers upload shipment and package reference numbers through the PLD upload file?



How do I derive Total Invoice Amount?

Calculate as follows:

Invoice Line Total + Freight + Insurance + Other - Discount = Total Invoice Amount


When do I need to add a Commodity Segment to my PLD file?

A commodity segment is required for all international origin shipments where there is commodity/product information that has a resale value.


What fields should I look to populate in a commodity segment?

Commodity information should include information pertaining to goods with resale value as indicated within a commercial invoice.


How do I derive the Waybill/BrokerageIDNo?

The Waybill/Brokerage Identification Number is required by the custom agencies, because most of their IT systems cannot handle more than an 11-digit Tracking number yet. The Waybill/BrokerageIDNo is requested on the package label and is needed in the PLD file. The Base 26 conversion will be for the "lead" package in the shipment. This number will be presented on all packages within the shipment. The 11-digit shipment number will be produced according to the Base 26 calculation. For more information on deriving the Waybill/BrokerageIDNo for your shipment, refer to the UPS Label Specification Document.


What are some UPS shipment maximums to consider when uploading PLD files?

·  When a shipment contains custom packages, the total length of each package cannot exceed 270cm or 108 inches.

·  A single package in a shipment cannot exceed 70kgs or 150lbs.

·  A single PLD file cannot contain more than 2500 packages per shipment.


What are some currency considerations when uploading a PLD file?

The Insurance and COD accessorial currency for a shipment must be the currency of the origin country.


What factors can I expect to impact my development effort?

·  The platform, O/S and development tools that you use.

·  The complexity of integrating into your e-commerce solution.

·  Your knowledge of each specific business transaction with UPS and general transportation processes.

·  Your programmer's skill set and availability.

·  Your knowledge of Internet-based applications.


Can I return to Step 2 - Service Selection Questionnaire to make changes once I am on Step 5?

Yes, if your company will not use a particular service or accessorial, you may return to Step 2 - Complete Service Selection Questionnaire to uncheck that selection.  Once you uncheck or deselect the selection on Step 2, click the submit button and return to Step 5. The corresponding test case(s) will no longer be displayed.


How do I implement Trade Direct service?

Please contact your UPS Account Representative for information on implementing Trade Direct.


I have an older system, am I required to use the new *EALPK segment?

OS1, OS2, and OS3 will be supported for legacy systems only. New shipping systems will support Large Package (LPK) only.


How do I implement Proactive Response?

Please contact your UPS Account Representative for information on implementing Proactive Response.


Can I use Worldwide Saver if I send shipments to the US50 and Puerto Rico?

Yes. This service is also available for International origins to US50 and Puerto Rico. UPS Express Saver is available for all other international origins and destinations.


How do I implement "Pallet with Dimensions?"

The new packaging type "Pallet with Dimensions" is available for Domestic shipments within Poland. Please contact your UPS Account Executive for additional information.